About Us

Sauce Milwaukee strives to provide healthy foods to all people in Milwaukee, no matter their situation. Our organization was inspired by the diverse communities in this city and their access or lack thereof to basic resources.

There are enough resources to feed everyone in Milwaukee, they only need to be redistributed. We strive to provide every person with access to fresh and delicious foods, while maintaining humanity, connection, and dignity for all people.

We are based out of Riverwest in Milwaukee, WI. Our community garden is housed there. We will be travelling throughout the 113 areas of nutrition scarcity in Milwaukee two to three times per week, delivering meals, groceries, and positive interactions.

Our organization is brand new! To make this mission possible, we need your help to fund our project! Click the link below to access our GoFundMe campaign, or meet us on Instagram @saucemke to stay involved!

Our work with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee powerfully influenced our understanding of food and nutrition scarcity within the city. During our time working with children in the Milwaukee Public School system, we learned how often children and families go without proper nutrition, solely because of what is or is not available.

This is unnecessary, as there is enough food in our city to feed everyone. It has become our mission to remove this obstacle for all people who suffer from hunger, malnutrition, disease, or weakened immunity because of the lack of available healthy foods. We are determined to bring healthy foods to everyone in need, because all people deserve to eat whole foods without physical, financial, or mental stresses involved.